Wax Melts

Wax melts are exactly what they sound like-wax that's been heated and melted into a liquid state, ready for fragrance release. They come in all different types of life like shapes with varying scents depending on which you choose! 

They last up to weeks if left on for a few hours a day! You can use a wax warmer, as seen in our Candle Accessories Tab!

Heaven Crumble
From $13.00
Peach Embeds
From $14.00
Strawberry Embeds
From $13.00
Heaven Cookie Melts
From $15.00
Heaven Loops
From $7.50 Sold Out
Vanilla Wafers
From $13.00
Lemon Embeds
From $17.00
Watermelon Chunks
From $16.00
Cherry Embeds
From $13.00
Banana Embeds
From $13.00
Lime Embeds
From $17.00
Blueberry Embeds
From $13.00